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We believe humans passionate about social justice deserve an innovative, positive, and empowering space to grow and connect.

our roots

The Bloom launched after a realization that no resource existed at the intersection of international affairs, social justice,!

As someone passionate about human rights who was brought up between various countries and cultures, I always searched for a resource informing me of the diverse world news, supporting me in empowering directions across borders, and connecting me to young changemakers around the world. That’s why I started The Bloom.

The Bloom a global social justice that brings out the best of a diverse range of platforms, and collects it into one enjoyable and straightforward resource. We tune out the “noise” of the internet (because, you know, shit gets NOISY out here) to bring out only the most essential and meaningful information. A newsletter was the perfect first step for me because I love writing, and back in 2020 when I first started The Bloom, I was extremely shy online and an email felt pretty natural, like writing to a close friend who trusted me to share meaningful news, or who could use support in finding a job.

Going forward, that’s the spirit The Bloom will preserve – our project will expand but our roots will remain firmly grounded in the original soil we were planted in; the personal, accessible, no-bullshit friend that always wants to bring out the best in you, and supports you unconditionally along the way of your life’s journey.


with love & light,


Jasmine Anouna
Founder of The Bloom

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Intersectional feminism

We believe intersectional feminism is a necessary
framework not just for women but EVERYONE.


Social Justice

We believe it's critical to connect young changemakers to diverse resources, and empowering (and PAID) opportunities in the international social justice space.

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We believe Joy is an act of resistance, a radical approach to activism grounded in celebration and hope. 


We are a growing team of young humans around the world passionate about human rights, with a shared dream to make the world a better place. Together, we’re planting seeds to grow a more just future for everyday changemakers.

Amber is a graduate of Brown University with a degree in International Relations, pursuing a Masters in sexual and reproductive health at Columbia University. She's  passionate about women's rights, sexual health and refugee health. (When she's (rarely) not riding horses), she's exploring local coffee shops, and wrong turns in NYC.

Carla Enrica "Ica" joins The Bloom with a special focus on youth rights. She's a Swiss and Italian national, with a Bachelor in Psychology in Education from the University of York and an MA in International Child Studies from King's College. She recently completed two internships at the UN in Geneva. 

Kuhlekonke is a master's graduate currently living in Pretoria, South Africa. 'KK' has specializations from English literature and film noir (ask her for movie recs!) to Chinese language and culture, she exemplifies not putting all her ova in a single ovary. KK is interested in helping fight for sanitary products for all who need them, as well as celebrating more African and Asian writers and artists.

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Steffan is a Danish-American living in NYC. He’s worked in social impact on initiatives like Common Goal in Berlin, as well as a tour guide in Italy, and in tech building global Stories for Snapchat (but he's not a tech bro - we promise). Talk to Steffan about responsible travel, football for good, and identity-building.

We're always looking for opportunities to collaborate. Check out our current partnerships and reasons to get in touch!

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Fernanda is a Brazilian woman with an extensive university background (we lost count of all her degrees) – she holds a PhD in African Studies and wrote a book about Slam Poetry and European Peripheries. She is a communication strategist in UNESCO’s Youth section.

With colors and a bright smile on her face, she believes we can create a more sustainable world.

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