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Hi! My name is Jasmine and I'm the Founder of The Bloom. 

I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 with a Master’s in Women’s Studies. My dissertation interweaved my interests in digital media and human rights, and served as a basis for my participation as a speaker in numerous international events including the International Women’s Festival (Florence, 2019), Libreria delle Donne (Milan, 2019), and the conference on Social Policy and the Public in Italy (Cambridge, 2019).

I first began working on women’s rights during a human rights fellowship in Cuba. In 2017, I was awarded a fellowship to collaborate with the José Martí International Journalism Institute to assess grassroots mobilisation against gender-based violence in the country.  

Growing up between New York City and Florence, and currently based in San Francisco, I'm passionate about building international connections between cultures, people, and ideas. And that's where the Bloom comes in: the newsletter is a resource carefully curated with love every Sunday to bring together the very best jobs, news, media, and products out there. And all with an intersectional feminist lens, of course ;)


The Bloom’s story began on a cobble-stoned side street in Bern, Switzerland.

Along the way of exploring the remote corners of the medieval city, I came across what could only be described as a magical path. A concrete street torn by deep gashes; but painted inside those cracks were these beautiful flowers. 

Seeing this picture days later triggered an old memory from childhood. Our family home in New Jersey, with the ugliest kitchen floor imaginable: run down, colorless, and full of cracks. One day, to my biggest surprise and amusement, my mom pulled me to the kitchen where I saw brushes and paints carefully laid out on the counter. “We’re painting the cracks!” Over hours of painting and humming, she painted words, a poem on the kitchen’s floor, and in the cracks between her words, I painted flowers.

The Bloom was created in the spirit of painting the cracks. A little creativity and love can paint a new meaning to just about anything. This is my biggest hope for us. I hope that we continue to find things, no matter how small, to expand our perspectives, our work, our knowledge and connection to the world and ourselves. Over time, I hope we can all learn how to bloom into our best selves.

– Jasmine, Founder 

Our Community

Carla Enrica Foglia

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Carla Enrica joins The Bloom as a contributor with a special focus on human rights and all things feminism. She's a Swiss and Italian national, with a Bachelor in Psychology in Education from the University of York and an MA in International Child Studies from King's College. She recently completed two internships at the United Nations in Geneva. 

Irene Soave

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Irene is a journalist for one of Italy's most famous newspapers, Corriere della Sera, where she writes on foreign affairs, and culture. She collects antique etiquette books and women's magazines on which she has written a book, Il Galateo per le Ragazze da Marito, published in 2018. Irene contributes the latest insights in feminist podcasts, books, and more for the culture section of The Bloom.

Steffan Pedersen

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Steffan is an active product manager at The Bloom, and brings with him experiences from startups like Snapchat in San Francisco, social impact initiatives like Common Goal in Berlin, and from passionate traveling and tour guiding in Italy and Switzerland. As Jasmine's partner, he's been an invaluable support system along the way.

Amber Yildizel

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Amber is a recent graduate of Brown University with a degree in International Relations and is fascinated by the world and the multitude of cultures and societies that exist--unsurprising given her concentration and her pride in being Turkish-American. She is interested in the study and improvement of human rights, women's rights and health, global health, and refugee health. 

From empowering job opportunities, to inspiring news and products, our mission is to democratise access to everything you need for you to bloom into your best self.


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