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The Bloom launched after a realization that no resource existed at the intersection of international affairs, social justice, and...joy!


As someone passionate about human rights who was brought up between various countries and cultures, I always craved a resource informing me of the best world news, empowering me in new directions professionally across borders, and connecting me to meaningful stories of young changemakers around the world. That’s why I started The Bloom.


The Bloom is the feminist TL;DR of the internet that brings out the best of a diverse range of platforms, and collects it into one, uncomplicated and enjoyable resource. A newsletter was the perfect format for me because I love writing, and back in 2019 when I first started, I was extremely shy online and an email felt pretty natural, like writing to a close friend who trusted me to share meaningful news, or could use support in finding a job.


Going forward, that’s just what The Bloom continues to grow into – it’s so much more than just an email: it’s a friend and partner that always wants to bring out the best in you, and supports you unconditionally along the way of your life’s journey. 

–Jasmine, Founder & Lead Curator at The Bloom 


intersectional feminism

social justice

how we bring our values to life

Apply for impactful job opportunities with more intentionality

We prioritise sharing roles and companies that are mission-driven 

Read and share uplifting news  

Focusing on the positive is an act of resistance and well-being not just for the reader but also for those on our team finding the news, pushing us to find the good, especially in our current times when it is easy to fall into the opposite.  


Become aware of the companies and projects doing good

We want to support businesses while also shift consumerism towards mission-driven companies 

Learn from our interviews with inspiring young changemakers

There is no better way of learning than through another person’s story, and through our interviews we hope to amplify the voices of young people, particularly young women ​

the team

 Amber Yildizel

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Steffan Pedersen

Steffan is a Danish-American and brings with him experiences from startups like Snapchat in San Francisco, social impact initiatives like Common Goal in Berlin, and traveling while remote working in Italy and Switzerland. He’s most interested in building empathetic communities around business, tech, and travel, with a keen focus on leaving things better than they were before. Steffan’s an avid volunteer in his communities, mentor, and resource. He holds a Bachelors from the University of Georgia (2013) in Business. 

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Carla Enrica "Ica" Foglia

Carla Enrica joins The Bloom as a contributor with a special focus on human rights and all things feminism. She's a Swiss and Italian national, with a Bachelor in Psychology in Education from the University of York and an MA in International Child Studies from King's College. She recently completed two internships at the United Nations in Geneva. 

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Amber is a recent graduate of Brown University with a degree in International Relations and is fascinated by the world and the multitude of cultures and societies that exist--unsurprising given her concentration and her pride in being Turkish-American. She is interested in the study and improvement of human rights, women's rights and health, global health, and refugee health. 

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Francesca Field

Fran is in her final year at the University of Toronto, studying Anthropology/Sociology/ French. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and moved to Toronto to start university. Growing up in Peru, she was constantly exposed to a beautiful variety and intersections of cultures, but also of unfairness and inequality. This encouraged her to follow her interests in feminism and intersectionality in the hopes of helping the world become a better place.

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Jasmine Anouna

Jasmine is the Founder and lead Curator at The Bloom. As an Italian-Egyptian-American, she sits at multiple intersections that empower her to stay curious and passionate about inter-cultural dialogue and exchange. She brings to The Bloom a wide variety of professional experiences, ranging from legal work in international mediation and arbitration (ADR), to years of research at the intersection of digital media and women's rights. Jasmine holds a Masters from Oxford University (2019) and a Bachelors from Swarthmore College (2018).