The number of skincare products out there is overwhelming. During the stay-at-home lockdown, I went down a research rabbit-hole on skincare due to some personal struggles with acne from pandemic/job-search related stress. From articles detailing the 40+ step skincare routines, to hundreds of vegan/cruelty-free skincare brands, ironically, I found the quest really difficult *and expensive* to find the perfect products. Nowhere close to making a purchase, I switched up my search; rather than looking for specific products, I searched for their story. That's when I learned about Tatcha.


The story behind Tatcha brings their products to life in a really special way: you can feel the love, the years of research and resilience, in every detail from the packaging to the ingredients and smells. And their commitment to supporting girls around the world only makes the products more special; early on, Tatcha created the Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership with Room to Read in 2014. Each time you purchase something from Tatcha, you are helping to make education possible for incredible girls around the world.

Here's why I love Tatcha: 

Tatcha's Founder, Vicky Tsi is a truly phenomenal woman and role model. Listening to Vicky's journey to founding Tatcha is a truly beautiful and moving experience that I recommend anyone make time for; you'll walk away with excellent pearls of wisdom applicable to almost any facet of life. 

“In 2008, Vicky Tsai walked away from a startup job and set out to rediscover herself on a trip to Japan. In Kyoto, she had an unforgettable meeting with a geisha, and learned about the face creams and blotting papers that the traditional Japanese hostesses had used for centuries. But as she contemplated selling those products in the U.S., experts on both sides of the Pacific told her it would never work. Strapped for money and juggling multiple jobs, Vicky worked out of her parents' garage, pitching her new brand—Tatcha—on QVC and steadily growing it. Last year, Unilever acquired Tatcha for a reported $500 million, and Vicky remains confident the company will continue to thrive during the economic crisis.”

Listen to her interview (the first she's ever done going in to so much detail!) on NPR's How I Built This podcast. 

their roots 

Maren Bruin for NPR

The pore-refining ritual

the starter rituals

I was unsure where to begin, but thankfully Tatcha offers "starter ritual" boxes that come with travel-sized products for a specific skin need, and a beautiful guide on how to use the products. I chose the "Pore-perfecting starter ritual" to help minimize excess oil while preserving natural moisture. As someone who's only ever had 2 products in a skin routine (cleanser and moisturiser), introducing Tatcha's 5-part routine seemed exhausting but the starter packs make the process really fun and easy. It's also a great way of assessing which of the products you love. 

The Kakitsubata brightening set

the deep cleanse

Tatcha's Deep Cleanse is a true must-have product. It's a daily gel cleanser with natural fruit exfoliant that deeply but gently lifts impurities and unclogs pores, while leaving skin soft and hydrated, making it the perfect staple to incorporate in your cleansing routine. I use it multiple times a day without ever feeling my skin drying, making it an excellent post-workout companion, or mid-day refresher.

-Reviewed by Jasmine 

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