SheFly is the company behind one of those ​"I can't believe this wasn't already invented" products: pants with a zipper that extends to the back of the pant, allowing women to "answer nature's call" without removing clothing. The pants are not just a useful invention but also an important symbolic one; pants, along with many other everyday inventions, have traditionally been designed for men by men and as a result non-male identifying individuals have paid a heavy price.


SheFly joins together a movement of businesses and communities that are revolutionising centuries of male-centric designs to create products that are actually representative of the needs of the people using them, and we're honoured to share their product with you.

stealth pee hiking pant

The Stealth Pee is a black pant with a black zipper. The flap covers the entirety of the black SheFly zipper.

the SheFly hiking community

SheFly's Instagram is an excellent resource for hikers and lovers of the outdoors. They get real on uncomfortable topics like peeing and pooping outside, and have most recently started doing so through their "Tub Talks"a new series straight from their bathtubs! They host taboo-busting conversations with rad people about topics like periods in the outdoors, and what it's really like running small outdoor companies. 

-Reviewed by Jasmine 

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