Passion Planner

“We’ve all been there: uncertain about what to do in life and unsure about the next step. When Angelia Trinidad faced this anxiety after graduating from college in 2012, she decided to create a tool to help her regain control over her life: a paper planner that would help her focus on what really matters.”

Angelia is a first-generation Filipina American, and she's the founder of Passion Planner. I've loved this company since 2014: their journals have been with me through some of the worst and best years of my life, faithfully helping me stay centered and 'focus on what really matters.' It's truly the perfect journal to help you bloom into your best self.


Here are three reasons to consider adding one to your routine!


 A Weekly quote & challenge: The quotes are carefully selected messages of encouragement and reflection, and the paired challenges are attainable micro-actions you can take to boost confidence, self-love, and awareness. 


Cause-based planners: Passion Planner does a lot to give back. From their Get One, Give One program, to their partnerships with wonderful nonprofits and communities, and creating custom planners to honor specific causes.

The blush planner created in partnership with the Malala Fund & Turquoise in partnership with Girls Who Code


A personal vision board at the beginning of every planner, broken down into a ready-made map for your monthly and yearly breakdown. The company does a great job visualizing you how every little goal adds up. Passion Planners have always helped make my bigger dreams feel reachable.

-Reviewed by Jasmine 

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