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No step towards bettering your mental health is too small. Now, more than ever, any small creative action to bring more joy and calm is an important one. And this belief lays at the heart of Botany Box. Cait is the founder and CEO of Botany Box, created in 2018 with one goal: to make it easier to bring green life indoors. After moving to NYC, she began to grow Botany Box and was inspired to find a resolution for reasonably priced plants that anyone can keep to inspire them to grow their green thumb.


Since launching, Botany Box has blossomed into a beautiful mix of wisdom inspired by plants, social media tips, and, most importantly, guidance on how to grow beautiful plants! Cait's achieved something truly special in the virtual and physical worlds: encouraging people bloom and grow into their most resilient and authentic selves, all through the fun green lens of succulents and plants. 

Here are some of my favorite products at Botany Box:

Social media education

Ok. So this one is not really a “product” per se...but.. the Botany Box Instagram account! It’s free. It’s authentic. It’s practical. It’s fun. Oh, and it’s pretty damn satisfying to follow. Follow her Insta and you won’t be disappointed; once a week, on her “Marketing Mondays”you’ll get great tips for how to be better at putting yourself out there online (not an easy task!) and get great plant tips and insights. There’s a reason why Cait has accumulated a following of over 19,000 people in just under 3 years!

The succulent boxes

Of course, I also recommend checking out the actual Botany Box...boxes! I ordered one of the new editions of the succulent delivery service, “Botany Box x Inked by Dani.” INKED by Dani are tattoos with a more a sophisticated take on the temporary tattoo craze. Their designs are made with vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic ink. Through their collaboration, each box comes with 2 succulents, repotted and ready-to-grow, 1 INKED by Dani set (that comes with 20 tattoos you can paste onto the cute ceramic pots the succulents arrive in, but I opted for sticking them on my body as a fun accessory!), a care guide and their plantable business card – this last part was really a big suprise for me, a plantable business card literally takes sustainability to a whole new level of cuteness). The succulents in my Botany Box order came perfectly intact and ready to vamp up my apartment in the most wholesome way. A perfect way to support two women-owned businesses.

-Reviewed by Jasmine 

From empowering job opportunities, to inspiring news and products, our mission is to democratise access to everything you need for you to bloom into your best self.


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