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Brilliant newsletter, very recommended. A must read.

-Clara, Good Morning Italia

I share the newsletter with my students; it's a fantastic learning tool, as well as an enjoyable and informative resource! They were really enthusiastic about The Bloom because it connects them to current stories of a global scope that they wouldn't have been aware of just reading local/national news. 

–Madeline, Université de Grenoble-Alpes

I look forward to this nugget of joy every week. This newsletter has empowered me to connect in creative ways to issues I care about and has been incredibly useful in guiding my job search.

– Justine, Canadian Ministry of Education

It's full to the brim of essential news, insightful stories – all wittily written. And I especially love the jobs section; it's so empowering and useful! 

-Irene, Corriere della Sera 

Inspiring, genuine, and constantly eye-opening for the reader. The Bloom always seems to know what we, as readers and job-seekers, need.

–Alessandro, United Nations

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